Mustache Sisters

Mustache Sisters’ tea party

This is my favorite collaboration from 2009 with my friend Nina Frenkel.
Part of the reason this project happened was because of the recession last year when both of us had lots of time and kind of lost with our artistic vision. This fun and uplifting project really helped me though the slow and frustrated time!

our cute shoes

The Whole Project started from an e-mail we got back in Feb 2009 from Hungarian Culture Center who were hosting a mustache contest.  So we decided to enter the contest!
Since we are girls who can’t grow mustaches…we decided to make a huge mustache to wear it!

This is the back--- Hungarian folk pattern that we patchwork

After the contest we did a work shop at Brooklyn Museum as Mustache Sisters, which was so much fun!!!

Welcoming the guests at the entrance

Getting questions about who we are from kids

We did a demo about how to make a mustache on a stick

Our friend Kerry with a nice mustache

And For Christmas we made some mustache ornaments for a craft fair which was nice and cozy project.

mustache ornaments

I hope we do more this year,too!
Maybe making a new kind of mustache to wear~

You can see more pictures and info at :
Also can get ornaments from :

and most of all here is my collaborator Nina Frenkel’s web site:

here is Nina's beautiful work~

I always liked Nina’s work, so it was great to work with her finally!


6 responses to “Mustache Sisters

  1. too cute to be true. xo

  2. A mustache in heels!

  3. I love the Moustache Costume!

  4. show us the new one~!

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