Collaboration with KidRobot—Fatale series

KidRobot Launching their new Dunny Series, this series are special, all by Female Artists!!!
My good friends Wendi Koonts, Sara Varon, and Tara McPherson are all in this series :-)  this is so exciting!

box set

my dunny has cats all over~ ---front view

back view

and there is a sticker inside

I love working with KidRobot, they make such a great final product!

This is how I work with them.
in the begging I make a sketches and the color information.

sketches + colors

And they start sculpting with clay

looking great! I always love seeing this part. without any colors just with clay.

and then after few adjustments they start making the color sample.

painted samples from the factory! looking awesome~

I love seeing the process and excite me every time when they send me a photos of their clay models :-)

YEY Fatale series!  And Sara, Wendi and Tara’s Dunnys looks super great!!!

More info you can check here :


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