Making of the PaoPao Nest

Me and Fumiha started to collaborate as a “PaoPao,”  back in 2003.  And this year we had a show invitation from Alternative Cafe Gallery in Monterey California.  So we started to do a collaboration!

For this show we wanted to make a nice  ” PaoPao Nest”, so we started our first nest idea.

making a template for our nest

brain storming

First idea was to make kind of a  Igloo type of Onion shaped nest  in plastic…. but after sawing all together and try it inside, we realized that it was too hot for a summer, so we decided to make an open nest!

making the bottom cushion

making a bonbon curtain

making roof!

Super Hot summer days and nights, me and fumiha made friends with felts and yarn. hehehe
Finally it started to take a shape!

test test

fuka fuka carpet

out nest is nice with kimiko sleeping in it!


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