PaoPao arrive to Monterey, CA — installing day

Finally it’s alllll done!  (you can see work in progress in my blog from June 30th)
We made the nest, paintings, and sculptures! We are all packed up and ready to go to Monterey!

amazing view from the air plane~

going to west Coast from NY

Tata~n! Welcome to Monterey~!

Arriving at the Gallery, we start installing.

installing paintings were quite easy with our super PaoPao power!

unpacking the nest, we found a lady bug followed from NY! Lucky Paopao!

putting back to East Coast Ladybug to Wes Coast Flower Garden :-)

Getting our wall painted by Lisa, she is putting clouds!

Now Time to install our PaoPao Nest!

Ladder is girls' best friend!

Roof done!

Bottom with sculpture... Done!

Done Done Done!

Now we are done installing~

Come to our opening!!!


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