Collaboration with Noted —thaumatrope by contemporary designers

I had a great opportunity to design a thaumatrope with the paper toy company Noted.
I remember I had one when I was a kid.

vintage image of a thaumatrope

After brainstorming, I did small sketches to share my ideas with an art director from Noted.

here are my sketches

We decided to go with the “Bear eating Girl”
so I worked on a final version…
First I drew them in a white back ground using brush and sumi ink, then guache to color.
Then the company realized that thaumatrope works best in lightly colored background.  (i didn’t know either!)
So I colored the back ground cream yellow by computer.

front image with a girl in a mushroom forest

bear in the back

so when you spin, the girl gets eaten by the bear!

and they just sent me the final product!  it’s really nicely packaged and super cute!

final product


you can visit Noted here:


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