KidRobot Dunny 2010 Party — New York

Last Thursday I went to the Dunny 2010 trading party at KidRobot SOHO Store in NY.  It was a whole new experience for me!

first time trading party in NY, many people came out to buy the box set!

My Dunny was 1/400, really hard to get, so I was a bit worry if anyone will get them… then BoooM! first boy through the door got it!!! I was so happy,  it was a first time for me too to see my new Toy!

he was the first one to get my Dunny!!! woo hoo!

There were 2 artists Travis Cain and Damarak the Destroyer were also there for signing, Travis did a balloon head Dunny and Damarak did a transparent Dunny, both are super cool, it’s really good to see other designers :-D

Travis Cain on my left +Damarak the Destroyer on my right

this is us waiting for the door to open :-)

We were sitting behind a table and signing.  And also drawing on some blank figures people brought. Everybody were so nice, and it was nice to talk to them and hear what people thought about the designs and etc.

drawing some characters on blank figures, nice and friendly people!

In one night there were 3 people (only…) pulled out my super rare Dunny from blind boxes.  2 boys and one woman.  They seemed excited and really like the design which made me happy :-D

he got one,too!

Party was great!  And the people working at the store were super nice,too.  Thank you KidRobot!  Thank you my friends for coming out to support me, and all the Dunny lovers that I met…so nice to meet you!

(extra extra)
My friend sent me this photo from another party in West Coast. photo of a girl who’ve got my Toy.  she looks so happy and this photo really made my day!

hehe she is so cute!


2 responses to “KidRobot Dunny 2010 Party — New York

  1. You’ve done an amazing dunny ! FantaSUGOI !

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