Visiting MICA

I visited MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) in Baltimore last Monday to give a guest lecture and a stencil demo at Marcos Chin‘s class.

The train ride from NY  was smooth and fun, Marcos had a microwaved sandwich and I had a half frozen one (lady asked us hot or cold and that’s what we got…) hahaha

Marcos’ has such an ambitious and creative class at MICA,  students have one semester to finish a production of the play “snow queen,” From set design, costume design to acting all in 3 months!  It was like watching project runway, I was very impressed.
Here is their website–>

Giving a demo and lecture to his class was very easy, the students were nice and asked many questions (curious minds always make me happy when I do the lecture!)  It’s a very talented class and Marcos is such an amazing teacher!  Lots to learn from him, I wish I had his class when I was in my undergrad…

Here are some fun photos of Marcos and I dressing up in their costumes :-)

The class was about 6 hours long~ fewwww
we were all sleepy after that…

Thank you Jose for letting me stay in your beautiful apartment, and thank you Marcos for inviting me!

They will have 3 shows in early Dec, if you are in Baltimore, you should go see!


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