Post It!

I think my work can’t be more bright and colorful as this one!
This is for a “Post It” show at Giant Robot LA in Dec.  Each artists have to use Post it as a base, I thought why not I go all the way with stationary?!  So I got different sparkly stickers to play with, it was super fun project!

(on my wall)


6 responses to “Post It!

  1. So cute! I love post-its! Can I purchase these somehow?

    • thank you Stevie!
      here is the info for the post it show.
      I think you might be able to call the gallery on the opening day if you don’t live in LA, or if they don’t then I can make you one :-)
      here is the gallery info:
      “post it” show Dec 11th at Giant Robot LA
      2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90025

  2. These are awesome!! I need to get one (or more!)

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