Dear Japan

Flower, Fire, sparkles in the dark night sky.
My favorite thing about Japanese summer. Festivals, shaved strawberry ice, dark chochin lamp, smell of festival food… ahh I can even hear people saying “Tamaya~!!!” to the night sky.
I’m wishing people in North East Japan will be able to have a summer fireworks and festivals one day soon after recovery, I was hoping that and while I was painting this.
This art work will be sold at “Dear Japan” Benefit on June 4th at ACNY gallery in New York.
I hope everybody can come out!

Oh! yes we did make a blog, here you can see amazing artists’ works which will be in the benefit as well. check it out—->


2 responses to “Dear Japan

  1. Dear Aya,
    My name is Lynnie and I work as a Career Adviser for SCAD with first and second year students. Macarena had suggested that you may be able to help me, as she cannot having just started working in Admissions. I am looking for a a person who is willing to field questions for students who are interested in Illustration and would like some real world feedback from someone in the trenches. Your work and experience is amazing and vast. If you can spare a few minutes on the phone your input could really glean some well needed direction for my students. If this is a possibility would you please let me know. I could email you the student’s contact info and leave it up to you as to how and when you contact them.
    Thank you so very much for your valuable time and energy.

    • Thank you Lynnie for your message. I’m in Spain at this moment and unable to use a phone. Will you send me your e-mail address to and I will write you back with more answers :-). Thank you for reaching out to me and pleas say hello to Macarena for me!

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