Tetris Attack!

I’ve done many embroideries in the past but not much “cross stitching.”
For the 8bit show in CA I thought cross stitching would be the perfect way to make the 8bit pixel image.  And I picked Tetris.

I loved Tetris when I was a kid, and I always love this first screen image of the Russian building. This is what I remember as a kid when people talk about Russia.  oh yes Russia I know people live in Tetris building!
So I decided to have my Tetris image very Russian including the building and the color (Red, Yellow and blue) remembering what I thought of Russia as a child, Onion building, red pattern flowers, lots of Mushrooms from fairy tales, and the home of Tetris!This is a side story…after 20 years since I first saw the Russian building in Tetris, I finally made a trip to Russia 2010.
I was amazed of those beautiful onion churches popping up everywhere in town and villages.
And the land of Fairy Tales, I felt like I was in the fairy tale with wooden mushrooms, beautiful churches, lace window frames from the wooden houses and strange trees look like creatures.
And here I’m really in the fairly tale!  In the House of  Baba Yaga!


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