Look what I found in my mail box today!

After long day of silkscreening I came home pretty tired, but as soon as I found this in my mailbox I was so happy!
It’s  a book call “Asian Illustrators” by Monsa published from Barcelona, Spain.
Book Features 17 illustrators from all over Asia and I’m one of the artists. yappy~!!!  Thank you Monsa!

Here are some pictures from inside of the book. (I should scan it…these photos are taken by my camera phone… they are in such a terrible quality… )
Here is the Monsa website where you can get this book—>


4 responses to “Look what I found in my mail box today!

  1. すごいね!! 早く見てみたい。

  2. this pretty cool, Aya! Congrats! I can’t believe I didn’t know you had this blog. I missed soooo much! :)

    • hehe yes I’ve been doing blog on and off :-)
      I need to do more drawing diary though I’ve been too busy these days but that’s what I really enjoy!
      sending love from greenpoint!

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