Sculpture Studio

Here are some photos from my ceramic studio.
Slowly but surely something is coming out from my brain —> hands —> Plaster casts —> clay.
I was creating different vases with faces, and the other day I realized. Oh!!! all my vases at home have faces!!! It was nice to know I was getting inspiration from some objects around my house and my everyday life!
Here is some photo of my vases at home.
And! For this Valentine’s day Eun-ha gave me one of her art ceramic piece.  I always wanted to own her piece so I was so happy. And guess what?! it was a vase with face, too!!!
You can see Eun-ha’s art work here —>
She is a true inspiration to me and a great friend.  She is one of the reason that I started doing ceramic.
Here is Eun-ha’s Vase and a visiting artist cat Nemo.


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