spring and sculpture studio update

Happy Spring everyone!
Brought in some flowers from the front yard now spring is in my Dining room.

<<Sculpture studio update>>
I’m now in the glazing stage.
Those are in the kiln now, hope the colors will come out right!
I had some “ugly color disappointment” today with some of the sculptures… so I’m crossing my fingers for those ones.  Glazing is so hard!
Also some “Successful ones” came out today as well.
Although those pieces are black/white so it was very easy for me to guess what it will look like after baking
I was surprise how glossy the black came out though, a good surprise.  horrray!


3 responses to “spring and sculpture studio update

  1. They are so not ugly! super cute! can’t wait to see them all done!!

  2. they are listening to with Pikapika ears !!!

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