Printing cover for mini books!

I’ve bee posting about ceramic studio but realized I didn’t post any image from my silkscreen studio!
I’ve been preparing mini books, posters, and comics for stump town comic festival coming up in the end of this month.
Here are some photos of mini books that I’m working on right now.
They are book covers.

(First print/ white )

(Second Print/ Egg plant color)
(And last color/ red)

(And here is some system that I came up for printing this book cover. Registration was very easy doing this)

Voila! I’m done!
I really like them as a group looks kind of like a chocolate! Oh that would be my dream to print on Chocolate!


4 responses to “Printing cover for mini books!

  1. i am so excited that you will be doing stuff for stumptown comics fest! I will definitely be going this year.

  2. these are so cute Aya, this is something I wanted to learn to do, think I’m gonna take a class at Gowanus Print lab. We should have lunch soon!

    • yes! let’s lunch soon.
      My friend was doing a residency at Gowanus Print Lab, they have a great studio and gallery space!!!
      I want to come and visit you there when you take the class!!!

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