What comes out from an orange egg???

It’s Easter weekend.
Who is peeking out from an orange egg???
It’s Cheburashka!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucky Toma who found Cheburashka Egg!


4 responses to “What comes out from an orange egg???

  1. Ok I just bought this for my kid, and it’s been 15 hours since we put it in a cup with tap water, not cold not hot. When will it start to break out of the shell? How did you do the process?

    • oh that’s funny you asked me about this.
      I bought this toy 2 years ago in Russia and I thought maybe it’s old that’s why it was taking really long time for us to open it. after in the water for a while we pour hot water in, and it cracked but in the end we had to tap it with fork to fully take the toy out. hope it will work for you guys! the toy is super cute inside :-)

      • Finally got it out and it’s growing! Yay!
        Do you know if the toy will retain its shape, or will it shrink once it’s taken out of the water??


      • hmmm I’m not sure. It’s in my friend’s house, I can ask her!

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