Hampshire College and pretty towns in Massachusetts

I was visiting Hampshire College this week to talk at Andrea Dezso’s class.
Andrea is one of my favorite artist so I was very happy to go up and visit her and her class!  Here you can see her amazing art work! —-> http://www.andreadezso.com/

Her husband Adam took me around and show me some small town around the college. It was beautiful!
Thank you so much Andrea and Adum!

(Some Photo from the college)
(This is part of their campus with Apple trees! so pretty!)
(Some student works, Papiermâché Masks)
(poster made by Andrea!)

(Cows!!! so Cute!  This is an amazing ice cream store, you can meet the cows who makes the milk for ice cream in their back yard.)
(They had a baby cows in little huts)
(Awwwww ♥)
(Small towns around the school.)
(There was a canal running across the town. The stream was pretty strong.)
(Spring is just arriving to Massachusetts, flowers are starting to bloom everywhere, so pretty!)It was such a treat to be in a beautiful nature.


2 responses to “Hampshire College and pretty towns in Massachusetts

  1. I love your photography!
    Would you let me use your apple tree photo for my cover of facebook?
    I studied art at UMASS in 1987-1989, also worked around Hampshire college.
    I miss Hampshire’s apple trees of this season and searched for it and found your homepage.

    I’m Japanese, my daughter might be applying to your college for next year.
    I’m just so excited to find your site by accident!

    I like your paintings!

    Hope to hear from you… Risa

    • thank you Risa!
      Of course you can use the apple tree photo for your face book.
      Oh this is exciting, very nice meeting you Risa,
      there is a wonderful professor name Andrea Dezso, if your daughter is going there and interested in Drawings she should take her class!

      thank you for your comment.


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