StumpTown Comic Festival this weekend!

Hi Everyone!
I will be a part of StumpTown Comic Festival this weekend in Portland Oregon.
I’m bringing all my hand made books that I’ve been working on at the silkscreen studio since January and also some hand made products!

I have a booth sharing it with Sara Varon and Jen Tong. Two of my favorite comic artists!
So come down and say hello to us!!!

The 9th Annual Stumptown Comics Fest
April 28 & 29, 2012 • Oregon Convention Center
Sat. 10-6, Sun. 12-6 • Buy Tickets Now! at TicketsWest

More info:

Here are some toto bags that I made for the festival!
Front image is two Kokeshi chan
And the back is mixed and match Kokeshi chan.



10 responses to “StumpTown Comic Festival this weekend!

  1. I am so excited you will be in my neighborhood. I have purchased my tickets and can’t wait to visit your booth!

  2. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your friend during Stumptown Comic Fest. My only regret is that I am not a millionaire. Otherwise I would have purchased one of everything and a second set as a gift for all my artist friends. Your work is wonderful and you are delightful and sweet. I hope your trip was worthwhile.

    • Hi!
      It was so nice meeting you! I’m so glad you came. Thank you so much Eileen!
      I’m happy you got those 2 little books and print. They were all hand silkscreen printed and I’m so happy they found a good home.
      Hope to be back in Portland again!!!

      I’m curious about the dolls you make!

      • eileen2000

        Please let me know any time you plan on coming back to Portland. You can see some of my doll stuff on my flickr site –
        I haven’t updated in awhile but it should give you somewhat of a feel for what I do.

      • oh!!! I love your doll and I like your 2D work as well!!!
        thank you for sharing this site with me Eileen!
        I would love to see your new stuff as well, let me know when you update them to your flicker!

      • eileen2000

        thank you, Aya! I am so glad you like the work
        ! I will definitely let you know when I have new stuff up.

  3. I will take a picture once I have the prints in their frames and hanging up. I would love for you (and your friend) to see them in their new home.

  4. just wanted to let you know that I just gave my friends, Nan and Kent ( from the SF Bay Area the Friends book I purchased from you at the Stumptown Comicfest and they loved it. They are both artists and college professors and both of them make artists books and are involved in printmaking. They loved the print and were very impressed with your screenprinting technique as well.

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