Waking Up in a Tutti Frutti Hat

I’m curating a show in July in CA.
Please stop by if you are in Monterrey area!

It will be a great show with eight artists who I really respect.
All of their art has whimsical, colorful and Dream like quality which can transport people right into their surreal world.

The title of this show came from one of my favorite movie The Gang’s All Here, a surreal and colorful striking images which I think fits really well with those 8 artist’s works.

“Waking up in a tutti frutti hat”
Book Show curated by Aya Kakeda
July 13 – Aug 7th
at  The Alternative Cafe Gallery , Monterrey CA

Fumiha Tanaka,  Jen Tong, Nathan Fox, Matthew Thurber,
Nora Krug,  Panayiotis Terzis, Patrick Dorian, Tomi Um


4 responses to “Waking Up in a Tutti Frutti Hat

  1. Awesome, will there be an opening reception?

  2. I wish I could come, what a great line-up!

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