See you in MEXICO!

Hello everyone.
My Mexico trip is starting next week!!!
6 months of planning and working with my warm Mexican friends over tons of emails, it’s finally coming to reality.

I’ve been to Mexico twice and I was in love with the country and people there, this is a dream come true projects for me!

My First stop and this trip’s sponsor is
Amarillo Centro de Diseño
June 27th to 30th
Stop motion animation workshop
June 28th
Exhibition “Aya Kakeda works from 2000~2012” opens at

Amarillo Centro de Diseño is a design Center in Xalapa, Mexico which invites both Mexican and  international artists to have workshops and Exhibition.
My talented and top illustrator friends Yuko Shimizu, Marcos Chin, and Brian Rea have shown their work here in the past years.
I’m honored to be part of this group!  Thank you for inviting me!

Here is some exciting photos that they sent me!
they are also painting my characters on their window!!! wowwwww~
I’m excited about what kind of stop motion animation the students will make. I will update you on that soon!

I’m also launching 2 toy lines in Mexico, one is a hand made ceramic figure “Box-kun Mexican version”  and ” Hanabi Monster” plush which I collaborated with Mexican Artist TOLOACHE.

My Ceramic Toy ” Box-kun Mexican version” will be launched on July 6th at SK Sarukaku Toy store in Mexico City.  It’s super limited and comes with hand made silkscreen book, I’m only bringing 10 figures. 

box-kun mexican version promotional video
from aya Kakeda on Vimeo.

Last but not least!
On July 13th at Rojo Bermelo store in Monterrey,
I’m having an event “Hanabi Monster!” where collaboration plush toy with TOLOACHE and  limited edition silk screen will be launched!
Fluffy cuteness!!!!
And here is some photos of the limited edition silk screens getting printed for this event!

If you are in Mexico, I really hope to see you in one of those events!

Love from New York trying to pack huge mustache in my suitcase!!!


3 responses to “See you in MEXICO!

  1. Aya, you are my hero!!

  2. i love your work!

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