HongKong Christmas!

Happy Holidays Everyone!
I’ve been working on this project since late summer and finally it’s done!
It’s a holiday installation in a department store in Hong Kong.
I designed the background and the characters, and some products for their holiday season.  Here are some pictures and the original sketches!

backgrounddoneOriginal sketch for the installation!
1Final photo
It’s a very interesting feeling when you design something in 2D on paper, then it goes out of your hands and someone else fabricate them in 3D life size installation.  I have never seen my characters in life size which I’m super excited about! Hope kids in HongKong will enjoy this decorations!!!

If you know anyone in Hong Kong please pass it along.
Here are the info:
Dec 21st 2012 – January 6th 2013
Tai Po Mega Mall, Hong Kong
Christmas installation
Here are more fun photos they sent me with model!

3 2 4 5 6 7 8 9


2 responses to “HongKong Christmas!

  1. this is epic :D
    So nice to see the sketch and real dolls together!!!

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