Book of tea delivery bear

This is a little pouch of Japanese seaweeds and fish flakes for rice that my mom sent me.  I love the packaging so much, I was thinking hmmm… how to use this beautiful packaging and turn into something special.
FxCam_1364049658057So it turned into a little book!
FxCam_1364049685083It’s an accordion book about “Tea delivery bear”
FxCam_1364050119714Here is the story!
FxCam_1364049726300FxCam_1364049758010FxCam_1364049773090This is the “tea delivery bear” he is carrying a box of tea.
FxCam_1364049799540He travel through the forest
FxCam_1364049830560On a ship across the ocean
FxCam_1364049862114Through Mt.Fuji
FxCam_1364049884694To a little lady’s house
FxCam_1364049920158The end!


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