Ceramic friends

some ceramic friends are coming out from Kiln. I have still so much to learn but slowly I’m getting use to the process.
Ceramic is such a surprising medium, especially the glazing process. I would never know how it will come out which is very suspenseful.

New Lamp Shade ( Ceradon finished, I was debating on having it just white but I wanted to try out Ceradon to make it to have a summer water feeling.)
IMG_2578 IMG_2582 IMG_2581 IMG_2580
Small salt dishes
Microchan Torso vase + Cave seal with beret hat box
IMG_2584 IMG_2585
Microchan Sculpture! planning on putting air-plants inside.
IMG_2591 IMG_2588 IMG_2587


6 responses to “Ceramic friends

  1. Beautiful work, Aya. These look very lovely. You sure make sculpting seem easy!

  2. Aya! these are great! Where are you making them?

  3. Yes! the place is wonderful!!! They have really big gas kiln. I want to see more of your ceramic, too! I use your plate when I have a special guests,
    And I love it!

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