Hello World Maker Faire NY! Come and get the limited edition poster!


Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 12.57.54 PM
It’s World Maker Faire New York this weekend!
I did a limited edition 18 x 24 inch poster for the Faire this year. It will be on sale at the location this weekend.
I’m hoping I will be riding some animal shaped robots all weekend and climbing on a life size mouse trap!
See you there I hope.

at New York Hall of Science
Sept 20 & 21, 2014

More info: http://makerfaire.com/


2 responses to “Hello World Maker Faire NY! Come and get the limited edition poster!

  1. This poster really grows on you. I bought one and had it framed for my son because we went together and I thought it was a cool memento. However, I have kept it instead of sending it to him because it has added such a great look and feeling in several rooms of my house: happy, new, young! I really want to have one for myself. Do you have a poster that you could sell me or do you know whom I might contact to buy one?

    • hi! this is so nice. thank you so much for writing me.
      I might have an extra poster in NY but I’m in Tokyo now. I can check the end of this month, will you write to me at akakeda@gmail.com for reminder? Also maybe you can contact the makers fair directly. they might have extra to sell!
      thank you!

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