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Great day kids are the best!

From Children Museum Workshop! All the artists were amazing making their imaginary friends from sketches to finish! (thank you Miwa Koizumi for some photos!) We will have another one in April!












Summer Bear for EeBoo stationary fair!

I’m back from Toronto.  Toronto Comic and Art Festival went really great!
Met some wonderful Comic Artists in Canada, I will update the drawing diary from the trip soon.
My first gig back in New York was my favorite client Eeboo. I went to their office and tried out their new products, shinny fancy papers and wavy card-stocks.
I love their fancy sparkly papers!  I think this is the only company that I know of making these kids’ craft goods with amazingly beautiful packaging! (Art Director Fumiha Tanaka does great package design!)
So this is what I came up with, Summer bear!  You can meet her at the booth of EeBoo at the Stationary Fair this weekend in NY!

1 2I made this watermelon crown for this fancy lady ;)
3 4 5 6Eating Ice Cream Candy, summer is coming soon to NY!  I put a Bee on her cheek but it looks like a Fly in the photo. hmmm… that works, too I guess.

316212_10151678815932959_1261687979_nJust got this photo via Fumiha, Bear at the stationary show!

Potato Madness!

I was doing potato stamping for a class that I teach, and I totally got into it.
It’s super fun!!!
1I made these two stamps during the class, we all discovered simple shape looks the best with potato stamping.23 4Decided to print on my white T-shirts that I’ve never wore.
5Done!!!!6Cut off the sleeves so it looks nicer.
7 8Done!!!!   Now I want to do more, maybe make a curtain or a dress.

Hello Crafty — eeboo spring

FxCam_1355436175037 FxCam_1355436195963 FxCam_1355436242683I went into Eeboo office for few hours yesterday and made some spring crafts for their show room.
Here are “happy spring caterpillar” and “flower polar bear with little penguin!”Still long winter to go but eeboo office and making those fluffy springy color objects made me warm inside!  thank you fumiha and eeboo!

Eeboo Holiday craft!





One of my favorite client Eeboo and Art director Fumiha Tanaka!
I went into their office and played around with some of their beautiful craft products to make a holiday craft.  Now they design the template to how to make those items. exciting!

Craft Love!

Pipe cleaner crafting.
Fumiha’s elephant and my Gremlin-Lion are in LOVE!
PomPom and felt dolls
Romantic evening?! sharing spaghetti :-D

Eeboo Felt Pillow

Getting a call from Fumiha Tanaka is always a good news and a start of fun projects!
Fumiha is the head designer of Eeboo, a paper toy company where they also create a fantastic craft item.
This felt project was great, something I really love to do (crafting and making character) and felt like this is not a job but pure fun which is the best kind of job I can imagine ;-)
Thank you Fumiha and Eeboo!

My job was to create stuffed pillows using those 18 different color package for people to see what they can make with this product.
And the photo of the pillows went on the back like this.
Here are the photos of all the pillows I made for each color!