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Microchan goes to Midnight Jungle!

CBADIt’s Jungle time! Microchan Bus is going to the fancy midnight jungle party this winter. Beautiful hand made work by Obitsu factory in Tokyo. Thank you for the great producer Tomenosuke Shoten.
This is a limited edition of 30 as the last three, you can purchase this at

Microbus: To The Midnight Jungle Sale on November 27th 9:00pm JST



New Microbus “To the Kaiju Planet” released today!

IMG_2379Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
Today is a release day for the third edition of the Microbus series!
This one is called “To the Kaiju Planet” and it glows in dark!!!
If you are interested here is Tomenosuke’s web store—>!/items/54d6bf042b3492ef4d002d75


Tomenosuke owner Shinji sent me these photos at Japanese Shrine.
Love all the color matching!
a0077842_19381813-1 a0077842_19374826-1 a0077842_1938735-1

Let’s go to the Yeti Mountain!

919a26c056a9a9c8f78c_460x460IMG_2267IMG_2301_四角Micro-chan and her friends went to the snowy mountain to meet her Yeti friend to spend their holidays together :) I heard they are having a good time.

Now after the neon pink Micro bus, now new color electric blue “Let’s Go To The Yeti Mountain” is on sale!!!!  Small edition on 30 from Tomenosuke store.

And here is a big news!
If you get the first Three microbus editions (neon pink, electric blue, and Glow in the dark) you can win my original painting which is featured on the header cards!!!

face=web3Days till the New Years!  Hope you will have a great New Year’s eve and Happy 2015!!!

MOCCA FESTIVAL this weekend!

This weekend is MOCCA Art Festival in NYC.
I have a table selling new books, prints, surprise sculpture boxes, and cat&dog cookies! Please come and visit!
10173554_10151957194020178_1347604187_nYou can see the direction and more info about the festival here—> click

Here is some sneak preview!
photo 3 (2)1958232_10151949263820178_788786612_ncover1000650_10151959049650178_281297358_nphoto 1 (5)10155464_10151963768835178_1931492428_nDouble thank you for Kimiko and Fumiha for helping me bake!!!!!

Stopping by at the Union Sq market for Mighty Wallet

IMG_20131209_182441 IMG_20131209_182434 IMG_20131209_182359Mighty Wallet Store at the Union Sq. Holiday Market this month! I went few days ago to stop by and say hello.  If you live in NY please stop by!

Nicer photos from Mighty Wallet :-)

dynomighty-ayakakeda_4 dynomighty-ayakakeda_5 dynomighty-ayakakeda_6dynomighty-ayakakeda_1dynomighty-ayakakeda_2dynomighty-ayakakeda_3
I got a nicer close up photos from the Mighty Wallet!
Oh I love how it came out!!!
It’s out on the JapanLA web store—>  here

A Decade of New Prints by IPCNY

I’m part of the 30 Artists post card book call “A Decade of New Prints” published by International Print Center of New York.
I’m very excited and honored.
Thank you IPCNY!
Picture 1
Picture 2 Picture 3

Picture 4

A Decade of New Prints: A Book of Postcards
Ranging from abstract to conceptual, from figurative and representational
to surreal, the 30 prints included in this postcard book document the variety
of style and subject matter and the technical excellence of artists working
in the printmaking medium. Chosen from over 3,000 prints exhibited
at IPCNY through our New Prints Program, these prints
offer a snapshot of printmaking today.
On sale in the gallery for $12.95 + tax during Print Week
or for pre-order online.
Contact for more information.
All sales benefit IPCNY programming.

Artists included: 
John Baldessari
Matthew Benedict
Richard Bosman
Louise Bourgeois
Victoria Burge
Suzanne Caporael
Enrique Chagoya
Tamar Cohen
Gary Day
Tomory Dodge
Luke Dorman
Carroll Dunham
Amze Emmons
Kota Ezawa
Torrie Groening 
Don Ed Hardy
Al Held
John Himmelfarb
Jungil Hong
Aya Kakeda
Alex Katz
William Kentridge
Robert Kushner
Chris Martin
Julie Mehretu
Heidi Neilson
Ruth Root
James Siena
Barbara Takenaga
William Villalongo