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Great day kids are the best!

From Children Museum Workshop! All the artists were amazing making their imaginary friends from sketches to finish! (thank you Miwa Koizumi for some photos!) We will have another one in April!












Children’s Museum of Manhattan Workshop this Sunday the 25th!

flyer=sHello!  Come to Children’s Museum of Manhattan this Sunday to make your own imaginary friends come to life!!!  See you!

Imaginary Friends with Illustrator Aya Kakeda
Create your own Kawaii (too cute) friend and learn about character design with Society of Illustrator’s award winning artist, Aya Kakeda.

Sunday, January 25, 2015 | 2:00 & 3:30pm| 5 & Older Sign up

Book of tea delivery bear

This is a little pouch of Japanese seaweeds and fish flakes for rice that my mom sent me.  I love the packaging so much, I was thinking hmmm… how to use this beautiful packaging and turn into something special.
FxCam_1364049658057So it turned into a little book!
FxCam_1364049685083It’s an accordion book about “Tea delivery bear”
FxCam_1364050119714Here is the story!
FxCam_1364049726300FxCam_1364049758010FxCam_1364049773090This is the “tea delivery bear” he is carrying a box of tea.
FxCam_1364049799540He travel through the forest
FxCam_1364049830560On a ship across the ocean
FxCam_1364049862114Through Mt.Fuji
FxCam_1364049884694To a little lady’s house
FxCam_1364049920158The end!

March 11th Memorial — 2 year since Earthquake in Japan

March 11th became a big day for Japanese people since the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan two years ago this day.
Yesterday me and my friends (we have a group call tsuru project ) gathered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and had an origami tsuru installation and origami work shop as a memorial.
It was a bright and sunny day and it was so peaceful to just watch our colorful origami and ornaments swinging in the wind!
The circle ornaments are made by the kindergarten kids and teacher in Fukushima, Japan.
Thank you everybody who stopped by yesterday and made origami with us!
And big thank you for everyone around the world who helped and supported Japan when it was in the darkest days!
Love, Aya

FxCam_1362940982617 FxCam_1362941090027 FxCam_1362941113708 FxCam_1362941143761 FxCam_1362941432305 FxCam_1362941891021 FxCam_1362946672710FxCam_1362940176318 FxCam_1362940200958 FxCam_1362940737847 FxCam_1362940923881photo

Potato Madness!

I was doing potato stamping for a class that I teach, and I totally got into it.
It’s super fun!!!
1I made these two stamps during the class, we all discovered simple shape looks the best with potato stamping.23 4Decided to print on my white T-shirts that I’ve never wore.
5Done!!!!6Cut off the sleeves so it looks nicer.
7 8Done!!!!   Now I want to do more, maybe make a curtain or a dress.

Studio Play 3

Kimiko vs Space Cat from aya Kakeda on Vimeo.

Kimiko vs Space Cat!
Thank you Kimiko for helping me for this video.
Another sample video for Mexico workshop.

Studio Play 2

Studio Play 2 from aya Kakeda on Vimeo.

Also for the stop motion work shop.