Happy Weekend!


Giant Robot Flip Book Exhibition

10253766_617285685027436_3792027523314754500_nIf you are in LA, come and see Giant Robot FlipBookKit Show!!!
This will be fun fun fun :-)
Check out this video they made with my drawing! —–>  Flipbook video—Aya Kakeda

MOCCA Art Festival FUN! Thank You!

Thank you for coming by my table last weekend, it was great to see many familiar faces and also meeting some amazing new people/artists. This was my first MOCCA, I have been doing other festivals past years but I truly think MOCCA is very special!  I think Society of Illustrators did a great job putting together, thank you SI and volunteer team!
I didn’t have much time walking around to take some photos but here are some that I have and some of my studiomates photos!

photo 9Charlie Brown!!! Mascot of MOCCA, he will be part of the Macy’s easter parade this year. I was happy that our studio’s booth was right below!!!
1981817_10152014595893483_1499693094_n(Photo by Diana Di Nazzo)   Here is my booth! Our studio had 4 tables this year.
photo 2Close ups of my booth. Lots of small books and sculptures this year not to forget Zombi cat Cookies!!!

Here are our whole 4 table run down :-)  (All the photos are by Joel Alter)
10153802_10154018488490088_552466252_n 10011467_10154018476090088_1785381394_n 1503380_10154018466955088_1423874066_n 1970910_10154018453265088_894285162_n 1375963_10154014019140088_1580757919_nEveryone had super successful MOCCA!!!

Here are some visitors photos!
I wish I took more :-(
photo 7Cutest visitors were those 4 ladies!!! photo 10FIT Master program had it’s own table this year!  (I wish I took photos of that but here is a photo of a proud students who were selling out on their books! Good job :-))10012914_10152304750558771_5830461211914411130_oMet One of my favorite artist Ciou finally after we were in a same show 10 years ago! We exchanged the books like soccer player exchange their uniform!!! ;-)

10245317_10151967218860178_328643524_nThank YOUUUUUU for the great experience! It was a happy weekend for me.

Here is a photo from our studio after party. We have done it! YEY!

Works Cited opening this weekend at My Plastic Heart!

workscited_1000_front (1)workscited_1000_back (1)

Hi everyone!
Great group show curated by Studio Miners is opening this weekend!
Sadly I won’t be able to make it to the opening :-(
I will have 4 paintings and book, also a tiny sculptures.
It’s such a great lineups come on by if you are in NY area!!!

MOCCA FESTIVAL this weekend!

This weekend is MOCCA Art Festival in NYC.
I have a table selling new books, prints, surprise sculpture boxes, and cat&dog cookies! Please come and visit!
10173554_10151957194020178_1347604187_nYou can see the direction and more info about the festival here—> click

Here is some sneak preview!
photo 3 (2)1958232_10151949263820178_788786612_ncover1000650_10151959049650178_281297358_nphoto 1 (5)10155464_10151963768835178_1931492428_nDouble thank you for Kimiko and Fumiha for helping me bake!!!!!

Nap time YEA!

Little sneak preview for a tiny book and tiny sculpture I’m working on now.

“Nap time! what do you want to sleep on little cats and dogs???”photo (4)
“On this Miss,  Nap time YEAAAA!”
photo 1 (3)
Sketches and tiny clay shapes
photo 5 (1)
Painting tiny faces with gouache
photo 4 (2)
Working on the drawing part of the book
photo 3 (1)
My cat use to do this impossible pose!
photo 2 (1)

For Carrot Salad???

IMG_2593 IMG_2596 IMG_2598Mama rabbit dish with little dancing rabbits inside.
I made this while ago and I’m thinking of using it soon.
But what should I put inside? Carrot Salad? Mac&Cheese???