Micro-chan Attack Montpellier Vernissage Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow is the opening for Microchan Attack Exhibition in Montpellier, France!
Come come if you are in the area. We produced special edition prints for this event. Edition of 45.

jeudi 19.06.2014, de 18-22h*
Galerie DAS
25 rue Hippolyte
34 000 Montpellier
*visites jusqu’au 26.06.2014 sur rdv
contact @ celiahannes.net

Opening Vernissage Tomorrow Night!

I hope you are having a great summer.
Tomorrow at Usagi Paris Gallery my exhibition AU HASARD DE MON BAZAR
is opening.
There will be upstairs little gallery and downstairs in a secret cave.
Come and meet my creatures and find out many secrets in this mystical cave!
The show run till early July.

du 13 Juin au 2 Juillet 2014
Vernissage le vendredi 13 Juin à partir de 19h30
Usagi Paris:32 rue Saint Roch, 75001 Paris, France


Midnight Gallery


5月9日〜5月30日、 六本木のアート発信基地、真夜中のギャラリーBAR OPPでゆったりとした気分で お酒を傾けつつ堪能してください。アートライフさんが提供する大人の時間です。
東京都港区六本木5-18-1PURE六本木8階 ☎:03-5575-2312


Hello Tokyo!!!
I’m having a show at Midnight Gallery OPP in Roppongi.
I’m especially excited because it’s a show with Masumi Hara who is an illustrator that I have been admiring since I was young.
First time I saw his illustration was on Banana Yosimoto’s novel and since then I was drawn into his beautiful strong eyed women he paints. It is like a dream comes true to be paired with such an accomplished artist! Thank you ArtLife for putting this event together!!!

May 9th ~ May 30th
OPP mid night gallery
5-18-1 Roppongi, Pure Roppongi Building 8F, Minatoku, Tokyo
Opens 20:00~24:00 (Sat,Sun Closed)


Grace and Ritual: Hidden opening May 9th LA

I am 8 bit is putting together a group show in L.A.
I have one ceramic sculpture in this show, if you are in L.A Please come and visit my little ceramic friend!
You can see more info at:


For this group show I made this
“ToTai Island Cave Seal Ritual Mask”

<Making of>
ceramicIt’s made out of Ceramic Clay –> Black and white slip—>Clear Glazed

photo (7)Black Slip with clear glaze created a very nice deep blue. Finishing up making the headdress with colorful Pompoms.

<What is Cave seal ritual mask?!>
In ToTai Island (this is my imaginary island) every house owns their version of unique cave seal mask. When there is an event of the island or the family they put the mask on their door to announce. Depending on how headdress is display people in the island know exactly what the event is.

Here is some example!
marriageMarriage in the family

deathDeath in the family

birthBirth in the family

peaceWhen the Island is in peace

FightWhen the Island is fighting with other tribe

Now you can visit ToTai Island and you know what’s going on when you see the mask at someone’s door!


Happy Weekend!


Giant Robot Flip Book Exhibition

10253766_617285685027436_3792027523314754500_nIf you are in LA, come and see Giant Robot FlipBookKit Show!!!
This will be fun fun fun :-)
Check out this video they made with my drawing! —–>  Flipbook video—Aya Kakeda

MOCCA Art Festival FUN! Thank You!

Thank you for coming by my table last weekend, it was great to see many familiar faces and also meeting some amazing new people/artists. This was my first MOCCA, I have been doing other festivals past years but I truly think MOCCA is very special!  I think Society of Illustrators did a great job putting together, thank you SI and volunteer team!
I didn’t have much time walking around to take some photos but here are some that I have and some of my studiomates photos!

photo 9Charlie Brown!!! Mascot of MOCCA, he will be part of the Macy’s easter parade this year. I was happy that our studio’s booth was right below!!!
1981817_10152014595893483_1499693094_n(Photo by Diana Di Nazzo)   Here is my booth! Our studio had 4 tables this year.
photo 2Close ups of my booth. Lots of small books and sculptures this year not to forget Zombi cat Cookies!!!

Here are our whole 4 table run down :-)  (All the photos are by Joel Alter)
10153802_10154018488490088_552466252_n 10011467_10154018476090088_1785381394_n 1503380_10154018466955088_1423874066_n 1970910_10154018453265088_894285162_n 1375963_10154014019140088_1580757919_nEveryone had super successful MOCCA!!!

Here are some visitors photos!
I wish I took more :-(
photo 7Cutest visitors were those 4 ladies!!! photo 10FIT Master program had it’s own table this year!  (I wish I took photos of that but here is a photo of a proud students who were selling out on their books! Good job :-))10012914_10152304750558771_5830461211914411130_oMet One of my favorite artist Ciou finally after we were in a same show 10 years ago! We exchanged the books like soccer player exchange their uniform!!! ;-)

10245317_10151967218860178_328643524_nThank YOUUUUUU for the great experience! It was a happy weekend for me.

Here is a photo from our studio after party. We have done it! YEY!